Year Six – Lovely Compliment Received from Oxford Bus Company

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We received this lovely e-mail from the Oxford Bus Company, regarding our children in Yr 6 Oak Class.

Good afternoon,

I have been asked by one of my bus drivers to commend the kids that boarded our service.

Please see below message from the driver:

When I arrived at The Oval, Rose Hill a group of around 22 school children from Rose Hill primary school was waiting patiently to go on a school trip into town.  They boarded my bus and went upstairs in an excellent manner and were impeccably behaved through out the trip. They did have teachers with them but as far as I’m aware they did not need to speak to a single one of the children regarding their behavior. I was so impressed that when the teacher thanked me when they got off the bus I thanked him and the children for being so well behaved and they were welcome aboard my bus anytime, all the children said thank you and even some of them wanted to HI-5 me.  They waited upstairs/on the stairs for all the other passengers to get off before they did. This is the complete opposite of other school children that regularly board one of our buses and it was an absolute pleasure to drive them.

Sue Vermes

Headteacher Rose Hill Primary School