Local Governing Body

The Governing Body comprises of independent people who represent parents, teachers and the community. All Governors are appointed for a fixed term of four years and work on a voluntary basis.

The Governors support the work of the Headteacher and together set the values, ethos and strategic direction for the school and monitor progress. They are also expected to hold the Headteacher to account for the performance of teachers and pupils, and to ensure that public money is being well spent.

The governors meet regularly throughout the whole year to assess progress and ensure the school is on track to meet its targets. They make an important contribution to raising standards and maintain high aspiration.


List of Local Governing Body Members 2018/19

Governor Type
Role                               Appointed                  Term to
Ailsa Granne

Katie Collins

Tom Quayle

Sue Vermes 

Peter Mallam

Sabine Huth-Rauschenbach

Jonathan Smith


Trust Appointed

Trust Appointed




Chair                               01 Feb 2019                 31 Jan 2023

H&S and Finance          30 March 2018             30 August 2018

Safeguarding                 01 August 2018            31 July 2022


Staff                                01 September 2018     31 August 2023

Inclusion                         01 September 2018     01 September 2022



To contact the chair of the governing body, please click here.



Governor Information

Past Governors

Margaret Wolf Community Governor Appointed May 2016 end office 22 January 19
Darrell Wood Trust Appointed Governor Appointed January 2017 end office 22 January 19
Kit Howells Clerk Appointed January 2018 end office August 2018
Jean Noonan H&S (IEB) Appointed February 2017 end office August 2018
Nick Baggett Finance (IEB) Appointed May 2016 end office August 2018
Paul James Safeguarding (IEB) Appointed May 2016 end office August 2018
Cassie Dunne Staff Governor Appointed January 2018 end office February 2018