The Vision for Rose Hill Primary School

Our mission at Rose Hill is to:

Put the child at the centre of everything we do and ensure that high aspirations, expectations, and achievement underpin the school’s work:
  • We provide affection, stability and purposeful and structured experiences;
  • We build and rebuild children’s self-belief –and believe in every child;
  • We listen to children, value their views and reflect on what they say;
  • We give children opportunities, responsibility and trust in an environment which is stimulating and humane.
Ensure that all children progress as far and fast as possible and achieve as much as possible, fulfilling their potential:
  • We teach children what they need to know and show them how to learn for themselves and with others.
Build bridges with parents, families and communities, working in partnership with others in the area.


Our Values

Values are important to us at Rose Hill, and we teach the children through assemblies and in sessions of ‘Philosophy for Children’ in every class. In this way they have opportunity to discuss and understand them more fully and to see what they mean to them personally.

Our values incorporate British Values, but also go beyond them so that they provide guidance for children’s sense of how to behave towards one another. All adults in school model behaviour and relationships to the children, and children have said that this helps them to feel safe and secure.


Our Four Main Values Are:

We are very lucky to have so many families who have come from all over the world. Children meet others whose family backgrounds and beliefs can be different from their own, and with whom they become great friends – the best preparation for life in modern Britain.


British Values

At Rose Hill Primary School, we promote fundamental British values through our ethos, the curriculum, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, and through our belief in UNICEF’s Rights of the Child. We reinforce and promote British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect, and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.