In September 2014 the government introduced the latest National Curriculum for primary schools. This document outlines the content for each subject which must be taught. Within the guidelines there is some scope to choose the exact content that is to be covered and when it is to be covered. The National Curriculum enables children across schools to acquire the same basic knowledge and understanding across the primary subjects.

Teachers at Rose Hill use the National Curriculum to plan exciting and stimulating lessons which ignite the children’s interests and enthusiasm for different subjects. The National Curriculum sits within, and is one part of, the school’s whole curriculum.

Pupils of compulsory school age in community and foundation schools, including community special schools and foundation special schools, and in voluntary aided and voluntary controlled schools, must follow the National Curriculum. It is organised on the basis of four key stages and twelve subjects, classified in legal terms as ‘core’ and ‘other foundation’ subjects.

Core Subjects: English, Maths, Science, RE

Foundation Subjects: History, Geography, Art, Design and Technology, PE, Music, Computing, French.