Enjoying Reading with your Child

Remember, you are your child’s first teacher.

Reading with your child should be a pleasurable experience for you both.  Here at Rose Hill Primary School we believe that every child should leave us being a confident, enthusiastic reader.  We do all we can to ensure this happens.  The ability to read is vital as it builds self-confidence and opens up future learning at school and in life.

Our aims for every child at Rose Hill are:
  • To develop children as confident readers
  • To develop key skills for children to read fluently, accurately, with understanding and enjoyment
  • To develop children’s knowledge of children’s literature, both narrative and nonnarrative
  • To encourage children to be able to respond to texts they have read with confidence, drawing from their opinions and evidence from the text
  • To develop children’s ability to use information texts and locate, extract and use relevant information

Phonics means the sounds that letters, and groups of letters, make. We teach phonics using a systematic approach called ‘Letters and Sounds’. The very first stage of phonics teaching begins in our Nursery class, with children learning and joining in with songs, nursery rhymes and word games. Children in our Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 all take part in a Phonics lesson daily. Some children in Key Stage 2, who need a little extra practise and a little extra time to consolidate their phonic understanding continue to have phonic input through the key stage.

There are six phases in the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme. You can download this
document here.


At Rose Hill Primary School, we encourage a love of reading by using a combination of the ‘Oxford Reading Tree’ Reading Scheme, as well as through non-scheme books.


Teaching Reading Diagram

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