Learning anything is a complex process. Imagine a child trying to make a sandcastle for the first time, there are many skills needed, e.g. co-ordination, problem-solving, reasoning, evaluation, managing feelings of frustration when the first sandcastle is perhaps not successful. The child may need the support of a more experienced sandcastle maker to show how it is done.

In all learning children (and adults) draw on a range of skills, attitudes, knowledge and dispositions to develop new understandings and build new concepts.

Here at Rose Hill we aim to provide the children with a broad and balanced curriculum which matches the individual needs of our children. We aim for our curriculum to motive and engage children through a broad range of experiences which will lead to better outcomes for our children.

We aim to work with our families and the local community to ensure our children have access to a curriculum which is meaningful and builds on the skills, attitudes, dispositions and knowledge needed for being part of society today. We aim to promote our children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepare them for the world they will be part of.

Through a well-planned and organised curriculum, children are helped to:

  • to support children to become confident, independent learners with the ability to connect to the world around them
  • to support children to become self-aware and resilient
  • to support children to become effective communicator
  • to further enhance children’s life experiences by providing them with ‘hands on’ opportunities
  • to have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, with opportunities for learning across the full range of National Curriculum subjects


Foundation Subjects

Here at Rose Hill we teach the foundation subjects through cross-curricular topic planning. This means that each term we make links across subjects so that the children are learning a variety of skills from different areas of the curriculum through a common theme, e.g.  Antarctica.

We use the skills developed in Literacy and maths across the different subjects in order to consolidate learning.

Children in KS2 are learning to speak French.

We follow the Oxfordshire Agreed Syllabus for RE. This means that we  focus on Christianity by exploring all core questions through Christian traditions, rituals, beliefs and lifestyles. Other faiths, traditions and beliefs are used to broaden and deepen the exploration of the core questions, so that children develop a growing awareness and understanding of the nature, role and influence of different religions, traditions, beliefs and lifestyles.


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