Our curriculum is designed to ensure that everything our children learn throughout their time at our school builds on what they already know. It is a broad and balanced curriculum, designed to help children of all backgrounds and talents build links, compare and contrast information and think critically about what they see and hear.

To enable access for all to our curriculum, from September 2022, we have introduced  ReadWriteInc into the school. This is a Synthetic phonics programme which ‘”… gives children a flying start in learning to read and write.” 


Every year, children learn about three broad topics: Civilisations, Life and Water. Each year group studies a different aspect of these three topics in growing complexity. This means that every year, children build their learning on direct comparisons to their prior learning. Everything children learn in school is based around these topics.


The core of our curriculum is based on National Curriculum requirements. We also focus on SSHAPE (Social Sciences, Humanities, Arts & PE) Key Themes to provide further depth to our curriculum.  Additionally, our fidelity to the ReadWriteInc programme, enables a strategy that will prepare all of our children to access it fully.