We want children to develop positive attitudes towards school and learning. For this to happen we believe that children’s interests needs to be engaged and built upon, part of this is finding out about what the children themselves already know and what they find interesting.

At times, the learning may be introduced through a visit. This can provide children with the stimulus needed to provoke initial curiosity and interest.  However, trips may take place at anytime of the year as preparation for the visit may enable more to be gained from the experience. Visitors are also invited into school to provide children with expert knowledge or firsthand experience, for example, learning to walk a tightrope or meeting an alligator. We also take full advantage of our school grounds and all classes take part in outdoor learning.


Finding out about our Curriculum

At the start of each term your child’s class teacher will invite you to a meeting to find out about the topics that your child will be learning about. You will be told about the subject knowledge which will be covered and how the children will gain the skills, dispositions and attitudes needed to succeed. You child’s class teacher will also provide you with an overview of the term’s work for you to take home. At this meeting the homework expectations for the term will be discussed. You are welcome to speak with your child’s teacher at any time to discuss the curriculum, just pop into the classroom and arrange a time.

In September, the Key Stage One team invite parents to a meeting to share how we teach reading, phonics and maths in school. A number of useful leaflets are available, for you to take away with you. If you cannot attend this meeting the leaflets can be found on the notice board by the Key Stage One external door.


Further Information