We believe that every child has a right to travel as far as they can in reading, writing and maths – the fundamental aspects of our curriculum. Hand in hand with this focus on the basics, we also ensure that children learn from a wide, rich and exciting range of other subjects, opening up the world to them and laying a foundation of knowledge for them to build on in the future.

At Rose Hill, we believe that children will:
  • Be resilient learners  and unafraid of challenge or mistakes
  • Be enthusiastic and independent readers.
  • Experience a broad range of learning both educationally and culturally.
  • Be confident mathematicians, with secure numerical concepts.
  • Write with purpose and meaning and enjoy writing to communicate.
  • Know how to be scientists and see scientific learning as exciting.
  • Be secure, confident, compassionate and assertive as individuals.
  • Know how to express their opinions, and know that their opinions matter.
  • Leave Rose Hill keen and curious to learn, and knowing how to.
  • Be able to tell their stories in a range of creative ways and understand that their take on the world is new and has value.
To promote these values in our children and to give them the best possible education they all deserve, we have created a bespoke new curriculum that enables all children to build on their current understanding and create links based on what they have learnt before.
From September 2022, we have introduced a clear progression of Phonics and Early reading from the EYFS through to KS1, and in KS2 where necessary, which will enable access to the broader curriculum for all.  Information on this can be found here, at ReadWriteInc – our chosen approach to phonics
We study the same three broad topics each year in growing complexity throughout the school, making connections, comparing and contrasting evidence and understanding. More information on each of these three broad topics can be found here, at How Our Curriculum Works.

At every stage of delivering the core skills and knowledge elements of the curriculum we weave in the school’s ethos and values, encouraging the children to reflect on relationships with others and their own place in the world.  These have been revised for September 2022, and were created by the whole staff team.

The curriculum will be taught within a framework of values and a clear school ethos, and will offer our children a range of language experiences. Spoken language, discussion and conversation are an important focus.

A large amount of time is given to reading good-quality literature to and with children of all ages, and challenging discussions are planned around books read. As far as possible, curriculum areas are taught with a foundation of a narrative to draw information together, making it exciting and inspiring children.

Writing will always be for communication and meaning. Children will understand that there is a purpose to their writing and that they need to consider the people reading it.

Maths will be taught in interesting and engaging ways using ‘manipulables’, meaning objects that children can handle, wherever this is helpful.

Science will promote curiosity and investigation. Children will know how to formulate and test their ideas.