Acorns welcome chicks

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Acorns Welcome Chicks Acorns have had the magical experience of hatching eggs and watching the chicks grow. The incubator and ten eggs arrived on the first Monday of term and we waited patiently till Thursday for the first chicks to … Continued

Science Week 2018

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Science Week 2018 was held from November 12th – 16th. The focus for the week was ‘INTERESTING INVESTIGATIONS’ and all of the school spent the week thinking about how scientists conduct experiments. We did lots of predicting, measuring, planning, observing, recording … Continued

Cowley Road Carnival 2018

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Children from each class took part in the procession at the Cowley Road Carnival on Sunday 1st July.  Year 1 TA Miss Cox held two workshops in school, on 21st and 26th June, for the children to make their costumes.  … Continued