Acorns welcome chicks

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Acorns Welcome Chicks

Acorns have had the magical experience of hatching eggs and watching the chicks grow.

The incubator and ten eggs arrived on the first Monday of term and we waited patiently till Thursday for the first chicks to hatch. Excitedly, we watched as the first tiny holes in the eggs grew over hours, till the little wet and tired chicks emerged from their shells. A couple of hours later, fully dry and fluffy, we carefully put them in their heated box.

We have all held the little chicks and marvelled at their tiny wings, beaks and toe nails! We have learnt about the life cycle of a chicken. We have made observational drawings and paintings also some of us have written instructions on ‘How to look after chicks’.

We are saying goodbye to the chicks, knowing they are going to happy homes. It has been an amazing eggsperience for us all!


Thank you to the PTA for buying the incubators for us so we will be able to do this again … watch this space.